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Stories in English
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The Lucky Rooster
The Lucky Rooster
Story and illustration by: Khaleeloo

Far from the crowded and noisy city.. there was a small farm, in the middle of beautiful green fields, where people and their animals lived a happy life.0  

The happiest of all of them was the Rooster! he was a very thin rooster, but he was very happy because he was the only rooster in the farm. There were many hens and chicks and they all respected him. Even the cows and sheep respected him.0

Everyday, early in the morning, the rooster climbs a high tree and makes a long cock-a-doodle-do to wake them up. when the farmer gave feed to the chickens, the rooster always ate first, but he was very thin! however, he didn't care, because everyone in the farm respected him.0

One day.. the farmer brought a surprise to the farm.. a bad surprise! It was another rooster! but this one was very big and strong! As soon as the thin rooster saw the new comer, he felt sad and afraid.0

When the farmer brought feed, the big rooster pushed the thin rooster away and ate a big part. He left only a small part for the other chikens.0
The next morning, the thin rooster wanted to wake up the farm inhabitants with his
cock-a-doodle-do from the top of the tree, but he was shocked when he heard a strong cock-a-doodle-do from his rival who was already on the tree. The thin rooster felt deeply sad because he lost his position and respect in the farm.

After a couple of days, a man, his wife, and children, came to visit the farmer's family. The thin rooster was watching everything from the kitchen window while the farmer's wife was preparing lunch.0

After a while, the farmer came out and started chasing the big rooster to catch him. the thin rooster knew that they wanted the big one for lunch.. "Run! run!" cried the thin rooster, "they want to eat you!". when the big rooster heard that, he jumped over the fence and disappeared for good.0

The next morning, the thin rooster made a happy cock-a-doodle-do from the top of the tree and said, "no one will take my place!"0


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