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Stories in English
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The three Roosters

The Three Roosters

written by : Osama Ahmed Khalifa

translated and illustrated by : Khaleeloo

   “I will eat all those grains alone, and if anyone of you gets close, I will peck him with my beak!” said the first Rooster.
   “If you think you are stronger than me, you are totally wrong!” replied the second Rooster.
   The third Rooster started fluffing his feathers, stretched his neck high in attack position, and said: “I am the only one who will eat the feed and will not share any single grain!” 
   Thus were the three Roosters talking inside the chicken coop while the mistress was stealthily approaching towards them. She started opening the coop door, and looked carefully and examined each one of them, then she said to her son: “The rooster who weighs the most will be our food today!”
    At that moment, the three roosters realized that they were in imminent danger, they shrank to the corner of the coop and each one of them started asking the others to eat all the grains in the coop.

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